Rachel's can be an easy introduction to the North Face, it's the wide open run to the looker's left of the North Face Lift that empties in to Paradise Bowl.









Rachel's is a big, rolling run that comes from the top of the North Face Lift back into Paradise Bowl.

You can access it from the top area of the North Face Lift by staying left next to the lift line and skiing through the trees where the terrain opens up.

You can also descend Avery, following the signs for the North Face, and stay left when the trail splits right to the High Notch Entrance.

If you stay right on Rachel's you'll find a fence and traverse through the trees for the lower entrance for the Glades.

The main part of Rachel's is a moderate pitch that can get a little bumped out in the middle but the outsides hold snow for days after a storm.

The steepest part of Rachel's is the last pitch down on to Paradise Bowl and Upper Canaan.

There are some trees on the right side if you want to spice things up.

This area does get a little sun-affected in warmer weather as it faces west.