Shep's Chute is the easiest run off the North Face Lift and is the standard descent from the Cat Road to Paradise from Teocalli Bowl to Paradise Bowl.









Shep's Chute is most often skied after you've hiked out of Teocalli Bowl on the Cat Road to Paradise.

You can also ski from the top of the North Face Lift via Schofield Road.

If you like adventure you can theoretically head right at the top of Schofield Road and set a side-step traverse through the trees to find the 5-15 foot cliffs that hang above Shep's Chute.

There is also a lower entrance to the right after the Spellbound Traverse on your left.

The main part of Shep's Chute is accessed through the trees where the Cat Road to Paradise crosses the Schofield Road.

You can also stay left here and traverse through the trees to search for more powder and rock options on the skier's left of Shep's Chute.

The gut of Shep's Chute sometimes has a few bumps in it.

You'll soon see the North Face Lift to your right as the trail finishes out on the flats to Paradise Bowl.