First steps happen here!


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This is your bread and butter entry level green for all those learning to ride out here.

All adult group lessons begin at the bottom of this trail, and beginners will want to explore this and Broadway before venturing further up the mountain.

Beginning with the two carpets; Slider and Chll will be your best route to success before moving up to the Easy Rider Express chair.

Easy Street tends to feature some learn to ride grooming; a banked channel designed to help you make your first turns, and other terrain features designed to enhance your learning experience.

There is a small hut at the top of the trail; the Chill Pad, where you can get some water, and use the porta potties as needed.

Bear in mind that the bottom skiers left (next to the first carpet lift) is steeper and designed for snowboarders learning to sideslip; best avoided if you're a beginner skier learning to wedge / snowplough.