Mineral Point is a great green run that cruises from Red Lady Express back to Houston with intermediate terrain options on the side.









Mineral Point is a hidden gem off the Red Lady Express.

That's because it offers short but sweet powder lines and jumps just off the groomed trail.

Take a left off the Red Lady Express and ski past the trail map board.

The top section of the trail is a little steeper than it's Houston and Poverty Gulch green trail counterparts and the trail mellows out after the Kubler cat track crosses it.

On the skier's left just after the cat track you'll find a small but popular jump and an ungroomed and steeper forest you can ski through that leads right back onto the groomed part of Mineral Point.

On the skier's right, after the Kubler cat track, you'll find very short but steep glades that drop down to the green run Poverty Gulch that should be reserved for an intermediate skier.

It's very easy to keep the trail a green run though, just don't go into the trees.