Ruby Road is a crucial access cat track road that accesses some of the best Paradise, Keystone Ridge, Frontside, and Westside terrain at CBMR from Paradise or Silver Queen Express.









Ruby Road starts at the top of Paradise Express and criss-crosses the Frontside all the way to the Westside and back to the Paradise area on Ruby Chief.

From the Paradise Express you head right with the options for Forest Queen and Ruby Chief immediately on your right.

As you continue you have Keystone Ridge starting on your right with the Elevator Shaft as the first cut trail option with options in the very steep trees all the way Keystone.

You also accesKeystone is an awesome steep groomer and then you have Jokerville, sometimes groomed, usually bumps, and then you have the Twister and Crystal bump options before you get to International, the superhighway groomer back to the base.

They are all black diamond runs and you should be a confident skier if you intend to ski them.

The Ruby Road continues past International dissecting the ungroomed double black terrain Forest with an option to ski onto Peel after you pass under the Silver Queen Express.

The trail then does a switch back as it turns back through Forest, then International, Crystal, Twister, Jokerville, Keystone, all the way back to Ruby Chief.

You can continue on Ruby Chief or hop on the Yellow Brick Road.

Make sure you are looking up hill for skiers as you cross these runs.

The Ruby Road is considered a black diamond because it accesses difficult terrain.

It is essentially and extension of the Yellow Brick Road if you are looking for an easy run down to the base area.

The switchback through Forest is sometimes closed when that terrain isn't open yet whether early season or for avalanche control.