Very technical, steep, chute through trees with a short run out









FATMAP difficulty grade



Bomb's Away is a super fast, tight line that lies just a little bit further down The Nose than Super Couloir.

It is usually skied as a hop turner to a final straightline that sends you directly into the High Traverse.

It is directly North facing, so there is always good snow in there, but it is not recommended after alot of traffic.

There are a couple different ways to enter Bomb's Away, from the South, center, or the North.

Coming in from either the South or Center ways, you have a much longer chute to deal with whereas entering on the North you can slide in to just above the crux.

Ski down past Super Couloir trending left, the next steep flute you come to will be Bomb's Away.

This will either be the central entrance or the Southern one.

If you don't like the look of this, head further left on the Finger Ridge.

Make a couple turns on this ridge, then head back right.

you will come to a large tree on the edge of the Chute.

From here it is a true "Bomb's Away' moment as you cannot see the crux or the out run.

You just have to go for it.

You'll take a hard left and let them run down the fall line.

The crux is always tight, but can be very narrow in early season.

Get through the narrows and hope you can shut it down before hitting one of the wide- eyed High Traversers that will be below you.