-One of the best areas of the Lookout Mountain area









-"Prosser" can be access from the "Martis Camp Express" lift and taking a right off the top.

You will pass the Ski Patrol hut and come to an area with picnic tables (if they're not buried in snow) that's great for a break and pictures of the mountains in the background.

As you get further you will come across a split where you can take "Stampede" to skiers right or stay left and drop into "Prosser".

"Prosser" is lined with snow making stations so you know that the conditions on this trail will be great no matter what time of the season it is.

The trail is is fast and sweep gently right the whole way down.

You will reach a snow cat track area which will be the halfway marker for the trail.

As you reach the second half of the trail there will be trees in the middle of the run that are great for using as natural obstacles.

The trail will take a harder right at the bottom and lead you right back to the "Martis Camp Express" lift where you can take it back up and enjoy again!