Long descent through open terrain









FATMAP difficulty grade



Great free 900m descent with only two short ascents along the forest road and a short walk back to the gondola.

The avalanche danger is not to be underestimated, especially in the first section of the steep slopes of Stemmer Kogels and the Schattberg summit.

Barbed wire and fence posts can hide on the pastureland under the snow.

On the road in the valley, definitely pay attention to traffic! On Schattberg-West Summit (2096m) slope, next to the wooden fence in the Schattberg West Hut, facing S, is this fantastic off-piste run down to Marxten-Hochalm (1808m).

There is danger of avalanches from the right (Stemmerkogel) and left (Schattberg - central summit).

After Marxten-Hochalm it is somewhat flatter.

At 1600m, you should head left , NE, of the stream.

The river bed is now very deep and is interspersed with constructions.

In this area, follow the marked narrow Sommerweg road at the edge of the stream bed.

Shortly afterwards, the path leads to the left from the creek bed, away into the woods.

At a small hut after a hairpin bend at 1480m is the next meadow.

Here, keep left and head towards Brandlalm (1300m).

After another 100m of beautiful alpine meadows, you reach a forest road which then leads to the valley below.

Head uphill twice, each approximately 10m to overcome some constructions at the river.

After that, head down a pleasant slope until the valley.

Straight into the Jausern district on the road and on the footpath (just before the wooden bridge) to the left for about 500m is the Sch├Ânleiten gondola.