Open upper bowl that cruxes down tight to a dogleg straightline.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Phone Booth or Hourglass or Must Turn Left or First Step is a contentious line.

Contentious only because there are a million names for it between groups.

It is a great High T run by whatever name you choose.

Going out the side step, look for the open upper bowl above a tighter funnel.

This is just before The Nasties and the rescue sled at the Lower Nose.

You will certainly be temped by this sheltered North facing bowl as you step across the top.

May as well give it a try.

You will have amazing turns for about 150ft before hitting the crux.

You have 3 options from the crux; Point it down the fall line, then bank a hard right into the apron, Head right into a nice, steep, tight, variation where you could hop turn or straight it, or you could head left, where there are steep trees above the lower crux.

The latter options are recommended early in the year and if it is a busy day.

The first two options are fast blind pointers, and someone could easily be standing in the run out.

The lowest section of this line gets highly traffic from those High T skiers who don't want to hike up.

Beware of the gaper picking up his or her years sale as you come out of Phone Booth/ Hourglass/ Must Turn Left/ First Step.