A fun, rolling groomer through pine trees and aspens accessed by the Yellow Brick Road from the upper mountain or by Peanut from Red Lady Express.









Lower Twister is the groomed section of trail found after the Twister bumps that turns into a wide trail down to the base area.

It has a few roller humps that can be fun as introductory air for beginners.

You can access this groomer from Peanut and the Red Lady Express and the Paradise and Front Side / Silver Queen areas via the Yellow Brick Road.

It leads you to the bottom of Twister Lift, the Ice Bar at Uley's Cabin, and continues past intersections with Lower Keystone and Big Al's over rolling hills all the way into the base area.

You can find small areas of powder off the side of the trail and tree skiing through aspens.

If you happen to ski Psycho Rocks and Sylvanite, both black diamonds, then you will also end up on Lower Twister.