Nice and Easy Cruise Blue Run with Good Views









This run is a beginners ideal, its long and cruisy, it is easy to follow and is accessed by the Alpe Mandria chair lift by simply disembarking to the right.

However this is one point to be wary of , this run can be used as a fun and easy run to get you to Frachey or it can be used as a connective run to access the main Champoluc area or to get back to town.

If you wish to enjoy the run from bottom to top, then continue following the run straight, looking for sings to frachey or if you do indeed wish to log on to run 9 or to get to Champoluc, follow the signs and ensure you turn off to the left when indicated to do so.

Beginners mind out as run 9 is a red so the gradient and difficulty does change.

Its a popular run so can get a little choppy but nothing too inconvenient.

Is is in the shadow in the afternoons.