Starting at Paradise Bowl, the Yellow Brick Road introduces the upper mountain's beautiful views to intermediate and adventurous beginner skiers.


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The Yellow Brick road is a cat track that starts at the bottom of Paradise Bowl accessing tons of Front Side terrain back to the base area.

It leads skiers across the mountain over Forest Queen and Ruby Chief, then past Horseshoe and Horsehoe Springs, then Peoria, then crossing Keystone and Upper Park.

Yellow Brick Road continues through the woods to Twister and Crystal and onwards to International.

You can take the switchback to your right to continue back on Yellow Brick road over the lower sections of Crystal, Twister and back to Upper Park.

If you switch back on the cat track without continuing on Lower Keystone you'll be on the Aspen Park Road.

Continue on this road to take the easiest way down the mountain or hop on some other trails to the base area.

The Ice Bar and Uley's Cabin is nearby.