Keystone Ridge is some of the most demanding skiing in the Paradise and Silver Queen Areas through steep tree chutes and optional airs.









Keystone Ridge is littered with different lines through the trees.

You can access the top section of Keystone Ridge, known as the Beaver Slides, if take a left off of the Silver Queen Road as it wraps around the Ski Patrol HQ shack.

You'll come through some tight trees or have the option for an open section, known as the upper part of Elevator Shaft.

You'll come onto Ruby Road and be above Keystone Ridge.

The entire section of cat road from Ruby Chief and Forest Queen to Upper Keystone has lines through Keystone Ridge, affectionately known as Westwall by locals, that lead down to Ruby Chief.

You'll have options through tight tree chutes, dodging rocks or taking airs off of them.

You can also access the skier's left section of Keystone Ridge by exiting Upper Keystone through the woods on the right side of the trail.

Refer to the specific runs in the in the Keystone Ridge sub area unmarked/freeride section for more details on specific runs.

Definitely more of a double diamond area than the single black as marked by the resort.

You need to be on your game skiing through Keystone Ridge so get those hop turns ready! A helmet is strongly encouraged.