- Mid-Difficulty Black Diamond on The Backside


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- Great area to avoid other more crowded Backside skiers.

"Rail Splitter" is usually less crowded due to the fact that you mush take the top of "Sierra Grande" then stay to the skiers right in order to access the top of the trail which will be clearly marked.

Once you are on the trail you will have a wide open run for hard carving and high speeds.

You will be surrounded by trees on either side of you which are great skiing when there is fresh snow.

"Rail Splitter" is mostly a straight away until you reach the bottom of the trail where it will zig zag a bit and "Sierra Grande" then "Follow Me" and lastly "Challenger" will merge with "Rail Splitter".

Once all the trails merge you will find yourself on "Lower Burnout" or you can take a left onto "Down Under" to get back to the bottom of the "Backside Express".