Crossing from Kasern in the Ahrntal, Italy all the way to Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner (3,798m)



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A six day tour - the Hoch Tirol is perhaps the most breathtaking ski route in the Eastern Alps.

The tour starts in Kasern (South Tyrol) and in six days leads up to the Großglockner (3,797m), Austria's highest mountain.

Timing is everything and the tour should only be considered in good weather conditions with stable snow.

From Kasern (1,600 m) it goes along an old smuggler path over the Umbaltörl (2,848 m) and the Reggentörl (3,056 m) to the Essener-Rostocker hut (2,208 m).

After a flat start through the Maurertal, the path leads steeply up to 2,400 m up to the Geigerscharte.

Along the west ridge of the Great Geiger you finally reach the ski depot at 3,250 m and after a total of 4-5 hours you reach the Great Geiger (3,360 m).

The descent leads over the Türmljoch (2,845 m) to the Johannishütte (2,121 m).

Or you go via the abseil point over the Maurertörl (3,105 m) to the Obersulzbachkees, on skis to the glacier lake (2,250 m) and then a 45-minute climb to the Kürsinger Hütte (2,558 m). The highlight of this day is the ascent of Austria's fourth highest mountain, the Großvenediger (3,657 m).

The subsequent descent via the rugged Schlatenkees (risk of crevasses!) Past the Neue Prager Hütte down to the flat valley floor is no less impressive.

2,000 impressive meters in altitude to the Innergschlöss, the "most beautiful valley in Austria".

It is almost flat on the valley floor for a few kilometers to the Matreier Tauernhaus (1,512 m). After the tollbooth of the Felbertauern tunnel, which can be reached either by taxi or car stop, you climb in a north-easterly direction to the left of the Daberbach up to a steep upswing (40 degrees) to 1,900 m.

With fresh snow there is an avalanche risk, with firn crampons are recommended.

Along the Dabersee (2,400 m) it goes between Amertaler Höhe (2,780 m) and Sillingkopf (2,845 m) down into the Landeck valley. The last climb to the Granatscharte (2,974 m) is a tough one.

The Stubacher Sonnblick (3,088 m) can be easily reached via the southeast ridge.

Then it goes steeply down over the Sonnblickkees to the Weißsee.

To the right past this leads to the Rudolfshütte (2,311 m). From the Rudolfshütte it goes comfortably to the Granatscharte, where the skis are deposited at around 3,000 m.

Climbing over the east ridge you reach the Granatspitze (3,086 m).

After the descent you drive steeply from the ski depot over the Kalser Tauern Kees down to the village The full route of 9.200m + 97km was completed in a total time of 27.3 hours by Philipp Reiter and Francois d’Haene. Photos: Martina Valmassoi, Philipp Reiter, Daniel Keppler, Harald Wisthaler Route information from: