Schofield Road is the cat road that accesses Spellbound and Third Bowl back around the exit from Teocalli Bowl above Shep's chute and below Headwall.









Schofield Road is a cat road that starts at the top of the North Face Lift to the right when you let go of the T Bar.

You'll find the access to Spellbound Bowl and Third Bowl 50 yards down on the left.

As you continue on the road you'll be joined by the bootpack Cat Road to Paradise from Teocalli Bowl on your left.

At this juncture you will probably head right to ski Shep's Chute back to Paradise Bowl, or you can do the quick side step up to continue on Schofield Road to to the top of Paradise Bowl after passing under Headwall.

The end, or other end, of Schofield Road is where the Silver Queen Road merges with Ruby Road and Paradise Bowl at the top of the Paradise Express under Big Chute and Paradise Cliffs.

You can also theoretically hike from the Cat Road to Paradise from Teocalli Bowl up Schofield Road to access the North Face and Spellbound Bowl but that's probably a bad idea unless the North Face Lift isn't running.