One Crested Butte's best steep, wide open groomer with moguls on the side, descending from the top of Paradise Express with plenty of options below.









When you're coming up the Paradise Express, you won't miss Upper Forest Queen and Ruby Chief on your right, also known as the Drag Strip.

While most people decide to "bomb" down the steep groomer, you can get your bump fix in on the right or left side of the trails.

The bumps on the left are sometimes groomed as the trail becomes Ruby Chief, stay straight ahead to continue on Forest Queen.

As the Yellow Brick Road crosses the trail from right to left, Forest Queen flattens out and has one more short, rolling pitch before intersecting Upper Canaan and Upper Treasury and becoming Lower Forest Queen, a rolling blue groomer back to the Paradise Express.

You can take a left onto the Yellow Brick Road if you want to access the bumps on Ruby Chief, Horsehoe and Horseshoe Springs, or head back to the base area via easier terrain.

You can also take a left onto a lower cat track where Lower Forest Queen begins to catch lower Ruby Chief or the Breakfast trail back to the base area or Teocalli lift.

You can also easily access Upper Forest Queen from the Silver Queen Road and Silver Queen Express or bearing left to the top of Paradise Express from the Paradise Cliffs and Big Chute terrain.