Gunsight Pass is a pleasant cat track that looks over the East River valley connecting the top of Painter Boy, Gold Link, and Prospect lifts to the Teocalli lift and East River areas.









Named after a high mountain pass on Mt.

Emmons, which you can see from the top of the trail if you look west towards the base area, Gunsight Pass connects the Painter Boy, Prospect, and Gold Link areas with the Teocalli Lift and East River areas.

Ski passed the Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks and you'll make your way down a mellow cat track through pine and aspen forests and by some ski in/ski out homes as you eventually find yourself at the bottom of the Teocalli lift.

You can follow signs for Conundrum, Lower Gallowich, and East River if you wish to keep heading that way instead of riding the slower Teocalli Lift.

You can also join the bottom section of Gunsight Pass by skiing Gus' Way off of the Teocalli Lift or Red Lady Express.