Tight trees that tend to hold powder pockets late into the day!









Take the Boomerang Triple Chair up to the top of the Lizard Bowl.

It is also possible to take the Great Bear Express Quad to the top of the run via Tower 6 Trail (90) to the top of the Boomerang Triple Chair.

Drop into the top of Boomerang Ridge (67) and ski down the initial pitch.

Stay to the left of the run to avoid skiing into Boomerang (66).

As Boomerang Ridge (67) begins to wind right into its second pitch instead ski into the tight glades on the right of the run.

This is the start of Deep Space (68), a tight rolling gladed area that will take you back to Boomerang Ridge (67) under the chair.

This run tends to hold powder pockets later into the day than its neighbors and is very rewarding to those brave enough to duck into the trees!