Hot Rocks is a beautiful front side right under the Silver Queen Express with open powder fields, rocks, and aspen and pine trees.









Hot Rocks has great appeal as it's viewed right under the Silver Queen Express after you've passed over Championship about halfway up the chair.

There is an access gate on the left side of Upper International where there is a sign for Hot Rocks before the big steep open pitch on International.

You can enter Hot Rocks through the pine trees or ski under the Silver Queen Express lift line on the Ruby Road into Forest and take the traverse straight ahead under the lift.

The gladed pines end on your right as the terrain rolls away on your left.

There are two obvious rocks on the left that serve as popular cliff jumps.

You can find more rock features on the skier's right of the trail under the Silver Queen Express.

As the terrain rolls over, you'll find a traverse going left to right and through the aspen trees ahead.

You can stick in the trees all the way down to Aspen Park Road or take the quick traverse to your right to find the open rolling sections of Hot Rocks without the rocks over the Aspen Park Road switchbacks.

On the second cat track you'll want to stay right on the Aspen Park Road as it cuts back under the Silver Queen Express and joins Middle Championship and Lower International.

You also can arrive on Hot Rocks by skiing through Forest and traversing right as the terrain mellows out.

This run does need time to properly fill in so unless you are familiar with the terrain you should probably let the locals scrape their skis and get core shots from the rocks on the trail.

It's called Hot Rocks because there is geothermal energy in the mountain that keeps the rocks hot and melts some of the snow.