The main run under the Teocalli lift has alternating steeper and flatter pitches that are fun for everyone.









Bushwacker starts at the top of Teocalli lift where Ruby Access heads to the Paradise area on the right or you can head left to Houston to head back to the base area or Painter Boy.

Continuing straight puts you on the first mellow pitch that gives way to steeper pitch and then another flat pitch where you can hop on Paradise Access on the right to head to Paradise Express or continue straight down another steeper pitch with some potential moguls and bushes (hence the name, Bushwacker) to the bottom of Teocalli lift.

Get on the lift to do it again or you can follow the signs to East River Express by getting on Conundrum to get on Lower Gallowich if you wish to continue down or if the Teocalli lift is closed.

There is no way back to Paradise from the bottom of Teocalli lift, you must go to East River Express.