Steep quick cliff section at top of North Face Lift.









If you're looking for a spicy entrance to the North Face Glades and Hawk's Nest, check out Fredo's.

Beware, committed skiers only! The easiest of moves require jump turns and straight lines.

Come off the North Face Lift.

Instead of going left to the glades or right to Spellbound, go straight into a small tree trail.

Carefully follow the trail down hill, where you negotiate a large compression before carrying your speed uphill (small sidestep required).

When you emerge through the trees, you are on a large cliff band.

Choose your exit, which will require a cliff, chute, or hop turns.

One of the easier exits is in front of you.

Hike up the ridge for more cliffs and great vistas.

If you stay high right off the Fredo's exit, you can find a traverse that takes you to the far skier's left of High Life (normally accessed via Spellbound).