A Crested Butte Extreme Limits classic that descends down the front of the mountain.









Banana is one of the first things you notice when you look at Mt.

Crested Butte from the base area.

It is a long chute that descends from just below the Peak and Hall of Fame Bowl, all the way down to the Hockey Rink.

It has a tendency to be bumped out, so be ready for a workout.

However, laps on the Banana can be some of the best skiing the resort has to offer when conditions are right.

It is a long run! The chute itself is over 1500 vertical feet.

Total Recall, an awesome section featuring some incredible fall line skiing, can be accessed via a traverse on the skier's left hand side about half way down.

Those seeking to exit early and avoid Hockey Rink and Banana exit can take Luge to International from an exit on Peel.

You can ski a small section known as Chiquita on the skier's left of Banana from the skier's left of the traverse that is gladed and funnels back into Banana.

Banana is a great way to end the day with a leg burner.

If you crave more, you can also access Banana from the Upper Banana Entrance off the High Lift.