The Upper Banana Entrance, or High Traverse, can be one of the most sought-after rope drops for the Upper Section of Banana under Hall of Fame and the peak of Mt. Crested Butte.









The Upper Banana Entrance is found off the mid-station of the High Lift left of Eflin's Way.

It traverses over Upper Peel and wraps across Flatiron into the upper section of Banana.

Whether after a powder rope-drop or catching afternoon corn skiing in the spring, the High Traverse, as locals call it, offers some of Crested Butte's best skiing.

As you wrap over Flatiron if the conditions are right you can ski the upper section of Flatiron and there are some big cliffs (10-20 ft.) on the skier's left.

The High Traverse continues into the upper section of Banana right below the peak of Mt.

Crested Butte and a section of closed terrain known as Hall of Fame.

You can ski on the left or right flanks or straight down the gut of this wide open terrain as it naturally funnels you into Banana as trees start to line the chute.

The left flank can put you on Chiquita as you cross the lower, regular Banana entrance.

You can stay on that lower traverse to get into Funnel or over to Sunset Ridge.

This terrain is for expert skiers and riders only as a fall in the wrong conditions can send you down almost 1800 vertical feet of snow littered with trees and rocks.