Conundrum is a great cruiser for beginner and intermediate skiers that connects the Paradise area into the Teocalli Lift area down to East River.









Named after a nearby 14er (a mountain abover 14,000 feet), Conundrum is groomed run with mostly mellow pitch and one avoidable steeper section.

As you are coming down Paradise you get on Conundrum at the bottom of Ruby Chief and Paradise Access as you pass the Paradise Express.

You can also get on Conundrum if you exit the Paradise Warming House and go right around the Paradise Express.

There is one steeper pitch to this trail as you ski down towards Teocalli Lift and if you wish to avoid it you can stay on the cat track that wraps around a tree island to the left and rejoins the trail 100 yards later as it passes Teocalli lift.

Conundrum is the only way to access Mach 1, a steep bump run that merges back onto Conundrum as it meanders through the woods.

Conundrum eventually bisects Gallowich at the start of Lower Gallowich and continues into the lower section of Bakery Trees.

A short side step at the end of the trail will put you on Lower Treasury.