The Bakery Trees offers some of Crested Butte's best tree skiing without getting as technical as the North Face or High Lift









When you are on Daisy after crossing Lower Treasury or coming down Upper Gallowich, you'll see a side-step trail through a gate up a short hill on your right.

This will take you to the top of the Bakery.

You can also access the Bakery by skiing off of the right side of Middle Gallowich.

The trees can get really tight through here but there are also some fantastic openings and even a little gladed terrain.

You can take a right off the top of Bakery for a gladed run back onto Lower Treasury or you can ski the tighter trees into an unmarked area called Nub's Knob when the Bakery is crossed by a cat track.

You can access the lower part of the Bakery by staying on the Conundrum trail from the Paradise Warming House or Teocalli lift, this is the cat track that crosses lower Gallowich so you would want to take a right if you are coming down Gallowich.

The lower section of the Bakery is a little more open and features a small gully off of Nub's Knob that the terrain will funnel you into as it comes out at the bottom of Lower Gallowich where it merges with Lower Treasury arriving at the bottom of East River.