The Headwall is a Crested Butte classic for advanced and expert skiers with extreme terrain options or steep powder runs and glades.









The Headwall is a local's favorite that has all types of lines and options through rocky extreme terrain, steep gladed trees, or the wide open bowl that can test your powder and bump skiing abilities.

Headwall dominates the landscape as you look up over Paradise Bowl when you are riding the Paradise Express.

You can enter into Headwall from a few different spots: the Halfpipe has an upper entrance on the right that puts you on the Upper Triangle with access to Angle Gully or Rabbit Ears and Morning Glory, or you can take the lower traverse entrance that access the Headwall Glades, Powder 8 Gully, and the Headwall bowl.

You can also access parts of Headwall by traversing across top of Morning Glory in Teocalli Bowl.

You have expert only entrances into Angle Gully and Rabbit Ears on your left.

Please check the unmarked / freeride section for specific information about those lines.

The main part of Headwall bowl is often moguls and is a very popular destination on a powder day.

The Headwall finishes with a cat track that puts you on to Paradise Bowl and is easy to link up with the North Face Lift if you want to stay on ungroomed terrain.