Paradise Cliffs has some big cliffs for the thrill seeker and steep tree chutes for the experts seeking powder.









When you're riding Paradise Express and look up past the top of the chairlift as you near the top, you're looking right at Paradise Cliffs.

It's the section of steep terrain with huge cliffs and steep trees in between the Big Chute and the High Lift hiding in the trees.

You can access Paradise Cliffs off of the mid-station of the High Lift by skiing into the trees on your left of Big Chute.

There is a well-established traverse through that rolls through the trees and passes by some orange CLIFF marking signs.

These are big cliffs so do not go to your right past those signs unless you know where you are going.

When the trees open up with a few small rocks that disappear in bigger snow years you'll have made it to the non-mandatory air section of Paradise Cliffs.

The terrain descend into steep tree chutes after a short open section above the trees.

This area can sometimes hold powder for a few days after a storm.

All of the chutes finish in a more open area that dumps you into Paradise Bowl.

You can continue down into Paradise area on Paradise Bowl, head left on Ruby Road, or head towards the North Face Lift.

You can also bear left from Big Chute to get into the skier's right side of Paradise Cliffs under the cliffs.