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Colter's is a great run on almost any day.

It has a nice, wide open upper section, then cruxes down for a couple hundred feet before opening up into the lower apron.

Head South past the Nose and Joe's from the Bridger hike.

Drop in from here all the way to the D Route gate.

This upper part can be kind of dicey around the rocks, best to stay away from them until very late in the year, or after a couple dense snow storms.

You will have a few hundred feet of good fall line skiing before it starts to narrow.

It cruxes down to about 15ft wide a t the tightest, but you can usually make nice consistent hop turns the whole way.

After the crux, it soon meets up with the run outs of Green Jeans and Nun's- look up to avoid anyone coming down from above.

The rest of the run is wide open turns on a large apron.

The upper and middle parts of Colter's will almost always have high quality snow but the apron can get sun affected, so ski accordingly.