Jack In The Box Glades are the glades between Town Park, Teo Tongue, and Wolf's Lair where you'll find fun tree skiing and small cliff features.


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Jack in the Box Glades will please tree skiers at heart after skiing Town Park or the Peach Pit.

You can Traverse to your right from the bottom of Town Park but the best way to ski Jack In The Box Glades is to ski Coffey Grounds and the Peach Pit.

You'll find tighter trees in the skier's left area and the the terrain opens up into a natural gully and the Liar's Bench on the right.

You can also access the lower gate for Teo 2 on the right side of Jack in the Box Glades along the rope line or you can get on the Wolf's Lair sidestep on the right.

There is powder to be found for a few days after a storm in this area! You can exit Jack in the Box Glades to the left to join the bottom section of the Teo Tongue or cross the gully onto the Liar's Bench.

You are required to hike up the Exit to Paradise to get out of Teocalli Bowl, a 10-15 hike.