Exit to Paradise is a groomed boot pack exit trail from the Teocalli Bowl and Teo 2. You must hike out of these areas via the Exit to Paradise road to get back to Paradise Bowl and Schofield Road.


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Exit to Paradise is a 5-25 minute hike depending on where you're at in Teo 2 or Teocalli Bowl.

Teo 2 is about 15-25 minutes and Teocalli Bowl is about 10-15 minutes up the boot pack.

First timers to the Teocalli Bowls should bring water.

It gets easier the more you do it! When you finish the boot pack at the top of the hill, there is a flat section that you can continue to walk on or skate across to the last short uphill to Schofield Road and the Teocalli Entrance to Shep's Chute.

Most people ski down Shep's Chute into Paradise Bowl towards the bottom of the North Face Lift but theoretically you could continue hiking up Schofield road to the Spellbound and Third Bowl Traverse on your right or even the top of the North Face Lift if they were open and you for some reason didn't want to take the North Face Lift.