Coffey Grounds is a fun, technical run through rocks and trees along the Teo 2 rope line in Teocalli Bowl.


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Coffey Grounds is named after Frank Coffey, the head of Snow Safety with Crested Butte Ski Patrol, and the rocks that pepper the run the in the early season and on low snow years.

As you traverse along the skier's right side step of Teocalli Bowl towards Teo 2.

Coffey Grounds is the open area with trees on the skiers right along the rope line.

If you stay in the more open area on the skier's left of Duey's you find some powder and sometimes wind-affected snow amidst small rocks.

The tree area along the right protects the snow a little better.

The run ends into the Peach Pit, putting you in a good spot to get on Liar's Bench and Wolf's Lair or the lower access gate to Teo 2 and the Land of Many Names.

When you exit Teocalli Bowl you have to take the Exit to Paradise Bowl, a 15 minute hike.