Hawk's Nest is a big wide open section of the North Face that offers great powder skiing and bump turns with a couple tree islands.









Hawk's Nest is a staple of the North Face, normally found after traversing over Hardslab or for the more adventurous finding a line through Fredo's.

You'll see a marked double black diamond sign for Hawk's Nest.

There is also an option to traverse right onto Million Dollar Highway through a control gate if you want to access Phoenix, Staircase, or lower Third Bowl.

If you haven't caught a storm in a little bit there will be big bumps in the gut of Hawk's Nest.

There are small cliffs and features on the left where Hawk's Nest and Old Pro are side by side.

As the run finishes you'll see the beginning of the "Easy Out" Exit to Paradise on your left after a steep tree island.

Or you can continue over a natural small wave ridge feature through a couple gullies onto Last Steep.

If you stay right in Hawks Nest you can get into the Rosy Lane and Easy Rider gullies over onto Sock-it-to-me Ridge.