The premiere mountain bike trail system accessible from the valley floor.


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Corner Canyon is one of the most popular mountain bike trail systems located within easy striking distance of the Salt Lake City metro area.

While Draper is located on the far southern end of the valley, the 24-minute drive from downtown Salt Lake City is well worth it for the expansive network of singletrack found here. Mountain bikers traveling to Corner Canyon can enjoy everything from jump-filled downhill trails to miles and miles of classic cross country singletrack.

But aside from a couple of tougher downhill trails, most of the singletrack found at Corner Canyon is rated either easy or intermediate.

In general, you can just expect to find damn good trail riding here, with plenty of options to keep you busy! It’s sometimes quite difficult to plan a route through such a complex network, but the recommended route mapped here attempts to create as long of a loop as possible while maximizing the time on singletrack and without repeating any trails.

While there’s much more than 15 miles of singletrack in this network, creating a longer ride will require a much more intricate set of trail connections, especially lower down the mountain. This route is one of the top recommended ways to get familiar with the Corner Canyon trail system.

Once you’ve gained a basic understanding of the network, it's time to venture out and start creating your own trail combinations—the possibilities are endless! Sources: