A Bridger Bowl classic, very long and tight straight-line.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Saber Slice is a 100 foot long steep, very narrow straight line.

There is no room for error, but it is pretty straight forward.

Head fall line at the dog leg at the bottom of Job 1.

Ski the mellow pow for about a hundred feet, you will see the spine wall that delineates the entrance to Saber Slice.

Creep up onto the entrance, the slightest touch of the snow at the top can send a sluff down, taking out all the powder.

Take a good look at it, and maybe even bail and hike back out.

If you go for it, you will have to let it run from the very top, ducking the overhanging rock wall on your right for about 20 feet while you're pointing it.

There are a couple spots where the chute gets even narrower as you head down, keep these cruxes in mind.

Later in the year, you may even be able to wiggle some turns in the chute.

On the exit, you can keep heading in the direction you started, going across the fall line through a woopdee, and threading between small Christmas trees.

Another option is to make a very hard blind right turn, taking you fall line into the sluff pile at the bottom of the Slice.

Beware of the South Bowl Traverse if you take this second option.

Anything but firsties is not recommended for Saber Slice.