Old Pro features all types of fun little rocks and rolling powder fields next to Hawk's Nest.









Old Pro is a very fun trail next to Hawk's Nest and under Hard Slab.

There are couple small cliff bands in the 5-15 foot range along the top of Old Pro with easy entrances in between.

If you stay on the skier's left you'll fine a little area known as Treeline with a couple fun pillows.

In between Treeline and Old Pro proper are little rock pillows that even a beginner to off-piste terrain can get a grapple on.

The main tree island in Old Pro has the pitches Tunnel and Walk Out along the skier's left, short steep pitches easily navigable through the bumps and powder, and Slipper, the most technical area of Old Pro and Hawk's Nest, through the trees and on the right.

There is a big pillow stack (10-30 feet) in there that holds a lot of sharky rocks so be aware.

The "easy out" Exit to Paradise, a cat track to the Paradise Area, starts under Old Pro and Hawk's Nest heading left.

You can continue past the wave feature through the bottom of Rosy Lane and Easy Rider to access Last Steep and Sock-It-To-Me Ridge.