A Bridger Bowl Classic steep technical line









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Z Chute is a very visible "Z" looking line from on Pierre's Chair and is one of the most skied runs in D Route.

It is fairly straightforward, and has distinctly different sections.

It holds great chalky cold snow in the upper part, can get sun affected in the middle, and bumps or variable snow in the bottom.

The top fo Z is pretty steep and gets sluffed out by ski patrol regularly.

Because of this, it is peppered with rocks a lot of the season.

This upper section is about 300 feet long.

After navigating the upper part, you will reach a bench where you can either head right to Lost Shot Bowl or continue down and left towards the next section of the Z.

Heading a little left, you will find a narrow diagonal rock chute that trends to the right.

This middle part of Z is technical to get into in the early season, but later on can be entered no problem.

It is about 20ft wide for about 200ft, before dog legging to the left at the bottom.

This section gets ample sun, especially later on in the year, so beware.

After the dog leg, you will be relieved to see the open slopes of the Z Fan directly beneath you, where you can turn when and wherever you want.