Amazing direct fall line steeps









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Job 2 is on of the nicest chutes on the mountain.

It runs directly fall line for about 600ft between rock walls before meeting up with the bottom of Job 1 and lower Z Fan.

If you ski it from the very top, it can be very technical, and doesn’t really fill in till the middle of the season.

Most people will come in from the South, just below the technical section of Job 1.

From here, Job 2 is about 40 feet wide for 300ft.

After the upper half, it opens up momentarily, and you cross the traverse that comes from the bottom of Morning Glory.

Keep going fall line to the lower section.

There are a few options getting into this lower section.

You could go skier’s right, through a short hop turn chute; through a steeper sneak through bushes fall line; or go left where it's rockier and steeper.

Either way you choose, once in, you get about 200ft of turns through a wider rock chute.

At the bottom, you meet up with Job 1, and head left to get to Lower Z Fan.

Job 2 sluffs often on a powder day due to control.

It really skis the best when it has been wind buffed, or on a small accumulation dense powder day, when ski patrol doesn’t bomb it.

It will always have cool snow because it is so protected from the sun.