A classic tree run. Easily accessible and very open to find your own fresh lines even on the busiest of days.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the top of the Plattjen lift you want to take the North most piste (Number 1) follow this red until it meets with a yellow itinerary run.

From here continue straight downhill and ignore the piste markers for the itinerary.

This freeride route will take you down through the woodland but with many open gaps for some nice long powder turns.

Keep an eye out as there may be some drops but after a heavy snowfall hit these nice powder pillows! During the middle of winter the powder is sure to be found in the woods and will stick around all day with you able to ski a different line each time.

Simply follow yourself down through the woods making sure that you don't ski too far right (North) all the time.

Keep fairly straight or even left (south) and eventually you'll meet up with the itinerary run or even the blue path back to the lift station.

With the lift being so short and fast you'll be wanting to take this tree run several times to make the most of the powder here.