South facing, large, rock walled chute with a narrow entrance









FATMAP difficulty grade



Close Call is an awesome, long, South facing chute that you can see easily from the Schlasman's chair.

It is really aesthetic, with large rock walls in the upper sections of the chute.

It gets skied pretty often, and can have a few bumps in it.

It also gets sluffed out pretty regularly on powder days.

The sun can work it magic or do damage over here.

Hike out to Ft.

Benton and ski down an open field to the East.

You will be left of Fin Town, glancing the right side of Boundary Chute.

Locate the large rock fin beaneath you, your entrance is around here.

The fall line entrance right along the rock fin can be pretty rocky for the top 30ft.

You can look for another entrance a little to the right in a side chute.

You'll probably have to grovel for a little bit any way you find to get into Close Call.

Once in, you will be rewarded with 400ft of great, confined, fall line skiing before the line opens up.

As it starts to open up, you'll begin seeing traverses coming in from the South, and the line will start to have more traffic.

Keep skiing fall line for another 500ft, going around a rocky prow at the bottom.