A great curvy chute that ends in a sneak out or an air









FATMAP difficulty grade



Nasal Cavity is another great technical Bridger Bowl line.

It starts just South of Psychopath and funnels you down into some steep trees.

There are many ways through this short section of trees, but eventually you will be trending to the skier's right, where you will be back out in the open.

At this point, you could travel further right, over the pad to Stump's Air, or continue down Nasal.

From here, you'll see a left to right 50 ft ledge underneath you.

You have to either do a quick turn through a tight rock pinch, or a small air to get to the ledge.

Stay in control- falling at this move will have dire consequences, sending you fall line through meat grinder rocks even in high snow years.

From this ledge, you could scoot North, and get into Deviated Septum.

Continuing down Nasal, you have a few options for your exit; big air above the meat grinders fall line, medium air just to the right, or a ski through sneak further right.

It will be obvious, you can see your exit from here.

There is a pretty big snowfield below Nasal before hitting the South Bowl traverse, and turns in here can be great.

Beware of Nasal after it gets sun baked, the technical sections can be pretty dicey.