A nice hike through trees, bridges and little waterfalls ending at the wonderful pasture of Federa.


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Gores de Federa (Gorges of Federa) is the hike prepared by the institution Regole d’Ampezzo that goes through the forest of Federa and arrives to the Alpine farm Malga Federa. You can leave your car at the parking space 50m after Lake Pianozes and from there walk to the starting point of the trail Gores of Federa starting the hike at the signpost “Gores di Federa”, about 30 minutes from the parking area. From the signpost, enter the pristine forest and follow the trail among little waterfalls, gorges and streams and cross the several little bridges on the Ru Federa torrent.

After a walk of less than one hour, you will reach Malga Federa, a mountain farm in a large pasture from which the panorama is just outstanding and offers a view on Becco di Mezzodì, Pomagagnon, Cristallo and Faloria.

Animals such as cows and horses pasture here in the summer. You can either return through the same trail or do a ring-route: in the latter case, take the tarmac road until you are back at the bridge on Ru Federa.

By car - You can reach the starting point of the itinerary, the parking space above Lago Pianozes, driving to Campo di Sotto, taking the road towards Lago Pianozes and continuing for 50 m after the restaurant.

By bus - Campo di Sotto can be reached by bus (urban line n° 2), and from there you can walk until the parking space.