A descent with a number of potential drop offs before heading into the trees









FATMAP difficulty grade



Instead of turning hard right onto the Winteregg blue piste or going straight onto the red piste, turn left and head off piste down the line of the Winteregg chairlift pylons.

There is undulating but not particularly steep terrain with the opportunity for jumps and drop offs.

It isn't particularly steep and gets tracked quickly as it is popular especially with people going off piste for the first time.

There is then a steep slope by a lift pylon which you need to pick some speed up on as there is a flat section which takes you towards the trees.

You bear to the right along a narrow path that is obvious when people have already been down.

The tree section is quite technical and narrow, and often very icy when it has been tracked out considerably.

The tree section is more of a route back to the piste than a tree run, but the best bet is to stay high so you can return to the piste relatively easily about two thirds of the way down the Winteregg blue run.

It is the top section of this run which is particularly enjoyable and gives the option for many varied descents and a good introduction to going off piste.