Sunny, east facing zone located skier's right off Harmony Ridge


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Harmony Ridge provides access to a ton of good terrain.

While taking skier's left leads you to classic lines like the Harmony Horseshoes, Sun Bowl is the terrain facing towards the east on the other side of the ridge, to skier's right.

As a result, it is appropriately named, with this area receiving a ton of sun rays.

In the spring, this means that this bowl is one of the first areas to soften up, along with the 7th Heaven zone on Blackcomb.

At the top of the Harmony Express chair head left, and follow well-marked signage directing you to Sun Bowl.

The main route squeezes between the cliffs and very small trees, depositing you on the Burnt Stew Trail with the option of heading to the Harmony Express chairlift or extending your run to the base of the Symphony Express if it is open.