An exciting descent down the line of the Winteregg chair for experienced skiers









FATMAP difficulty grade



Similar to the 'Line of the Chairlift' freeride run, this run requires a longer traverse to access a steep and exciting pitch down the line of the Winteregg chairlift.

Upon exiting the Winteregg chairlift, go around the corner following the blue run and turn to the left off the piste almost immediately.

From there a long traverse as far to the left of the pistes as possible is required, staying as high as possible in the shadow of the Wirzelegg.

You cross a small stream and a long schuss/straight lining is required to have enough speed for the slight ascent.

You then pass under the chairlift pylon where the chairlift starts descending into the valley of the aforementioned stream.

Here you access the steep pitch straight down the line of the chairlift, the open area was widened when the new 4 seat chairlift was installed in 2008.

The run down has some very steep sections and old tree stumps and some minor cliffs allow for some great drop offs, although with little snow this line is probably not recommended.

It runs for approximately 500m ending almost to the bottom of the lift.

A great run when there is lots of snow and often in late season as otherwise you could be in for a rocky and tree stump filled ride! Generally wait for some tracks to appear as it will make accessing it easier and show whether the run is worthwhile.