Impressive scenery, but only for experienced riders









FATMAP difficulty grade



After about a 150m rise (skins / snowshoes necessary), a narrow corridor leads to a ridge with impressive views in the direction of the Zwölfer Nord lift exit.

Never leave the described route, because otherwise it is in very steep, avalanche-prone terrain.

A good sense of direction and solid skiing skills are prerequisites for this departure. At the top of the Seekar-bar lift put the skins on.

The initial flat leads slightly left of the broad back.

The first rocky elevation can lead to steep slopes which are bypassed over hilly terrain further N.

After reaching the highest point, it goes slightly downhill and you cross over to the right to ascend to the summit with wonderful views.

The descent then starts NW of the mountain tops by avalanche blasting devices.

Here carefully depart in a steep, narrow way to the N.

At about 2050m, the terrain is much flatter and wider.

Here head further N then head right, where the first small trees are growing.

Here, on the narrow ridge, left of an avalanche ignition pipe, continue N to about 1800m.

This is considerably steeper.

Head back through the bushes and wooden-avalanche barriers to trees at about a 100m slope, which is much flatter.

Through a glade in the forest is the next 100m until a flat area.

Then you reach a forest road at 1500m next to a fountain, which is the actual Zwölfer Nord piste exit.

On this head down the last 400m until the valley.