More gentle bowl located skier's right of the top of the Symphony Express









Rhapsody Bowl is a great option for getting a feel for the terrain in the Symphony zone before moving on to more challenging descents in areas such as Flute Bowl.

Formally referred to as Boundary Bowl, Rhapsody Bowl is located skier's right from the top of the Symphony Express.

When getting off the lift, hang a left and follow the marked signage.

This run cruises down into the wide-open bowl before leading through a section of glades before returning back to the Symphony Express.

Make sure to get back to the lift before it closes as Symphony closes before the other alpine lifts, and getting stuck here means a long 30 minute hike out to Harmony via the Symphony Rescue Road.

Rhapsody Bowl is a great jumping off point to skiing more advanced terrain in the Flute area, this gives you a taste of what Flute is like, without the hike!