Moderately narrow tree skiing ending in a tight chute









FATMAP difficulty grade



Jess's FIne Line is the ridge between K9 and Pat's Chute.

It starts out pretty wide skiing with trees.

As you get further down, the skiing becomes more narrow, and at the very bottom there is a tight chute where you may have to point it.

Jess's is South facing and can get sun baked.

It doesn't fill in properly until the middle of the season, but you can usually hack your way down it.

Powder days and corn days are the best times to ski Jess's.

Go South, then East from the top of Schlasman's, going directly under the top shack to get on the top of the rock ridge.

There are multiple other entrances to Jess's further down from either Pat's or K9.

You can also ski the upper half of Jess's and get out into the bottom of Pat's, avoiding the chute at the bottom.

The lower third of the line will usually be narrow hop turns leading to a tight chute.

You may have to point this chute, but it's a really great line that runs out into open slopes.