The Edge, along with Highlife, is some of the most technical marked terrain at Crested Butte. Do not ski here unless you know where you are going.









The Edge can be a steep skier or rider's dream at CBMR.

It is very technical terrain where there is often no non-mandatory air exit to safety.

You'll find the Edge just under the Million Dollar Highway traverse as you pass through the control gate.

There is one Double Black Diamond marked sign for The Edge, but you can really drop in wherever you would like along that ridge.

There is a chute approximately ten yards to the right of the sign that would mark the "easiest" way through the edge that involves a couple committing hop turns.

Other options include the cliffs right next to the Edge sign, the pillows and technical skiing to the skier's left, or up along the ridge longer and steeper lines for the adventurous type.

The terrain finishes into a little gully that has Rock-N-Roll glades towards your right, Picture Perfect glades straight ahead, both leading to options into Slot Rocks, Staircase, Dead Bob's, Body Bag, Dead End Chutes, and even Phoenix Steps and the bottom of Phoenix Bowl and like traversing.

You can also exit left back onto Rosy Lane towards the "Easy Out" Exit to Paradise or Last Steep if you just crapped your pants on the Edge and need to get out of steep terrain as fast as possible.