Phoenix Steps offers steep, fall line skiing on the left side of Phoenix bowl over rolling pitches.


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You can access the Phoenix Steps by taking the Spellbound traverse and the options around Spellbound Bowl or you can traverse into the North Face above Hawks Nest to find the marked Million Dollar Highway traverse.

This entrance passes under Highlife and above the Edge and into the end of Spellbound Bowl.

As you traverse across a big flat bench, you'll double black diamond signs pointing right for Phoenix Bowl and left for Phoenix Steps.

You'll find Phoenix Steps if you continue above the trees on your left.

The terrain opens up but it marked by small trees and bushes as it rolls down over small benches in steep terrain.

Enjoy catching small natural air in your turns as the terrain rejoins Phoenix Bowl over the Phoenix Last Steep.

Rock-N-Roll Glades will come from your left as you pass an often roped-off area known as Body Bag and Dead End Chutes that you do not want to go into unless it's open and you know exactly where you're going.

As the Phoenix Steps and Bowl finish, you'll want to keep your speed towards the bottom as you join the Third Bowl / Phoenix Exit cat track back towards Black Eagle and the East River Express.